At the "House of Royals", a dance collective in Berlin, "royalty" is not based on heritage. Royalty is exercised in full makeup and couture, celebrating complex forms of gender and culture. The "House" is a space for queer and trans refugees who fled their homes due to wars, family violence, or state morals and regulations. 

This story invites you into the world of Berlin's royalty. They could either be portrayed in the intimacy of their homes or pausing for a smoke break in between shifts. Their highnesses may also be seen dancing on stages which were once occupied by the likes of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, or simply at a small, local queer bar. Regardless of where they are, members of the "House of Royals" pay tribute to a royal ancestry of resistance and celebration, which has defined Berlin's history and culture.

"Royals" was formed by my desire to understand the bravery of a community that shows what one can do to get closer to their true selves by experimenting and expressing the gender and culture freely. The underground performance art scene in Berlin challenges and expands the realities of the society; thus, to me, "House of Royals" represents the future of gender.