With my series "Come Get Your Honey," I explore the lives of people who flee their home countries and end up seeking asylum in Berlin because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. They choose Berlin for a reason. Here in Berlin, there is an established framework of support, including counseling and the provision of shelter for at-risk LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees from all over the world. "Come Get Your Honey" reflects my journey of weaving bonds with the community through fragility, friendship, and joy. I try to balance this approach by reflecting on moments critical to their survival, such as dealing with past traumas, separation from loved ones, starting over a new life in a gentrified city that also faces an increasing number of hate crimes against LGBTQ+. 

As someone who doesn't feel comfortable living in today's Turkey because of my queer identity, I made my way to Berlin as an immigrant. Therefore, I deeply relate to queer & trans refugees and asylum seekers. This way, a safer space emerges where we understand what connects us. 

While having a documentary approach at its foundation, the series pivots on an open-ended narrative. My way departs from merely depicting the community in agony or reducing them to their sexuality. Instead, I try to strip down presumptions about particular identities and focus on multidimensional human conditions above all. I believe in a different way of making authentic bodies of work, which is about creating nuanced stories by artists who are truly connected to them.