Samet Durgun uses the question “What if photography is more about ‘listening’ than seeing?” as a compass to narrate stories about communities and individuals with intricate identities, like himself. Those stories depict contemporary forms of intimacy, vulnerability, trauma, survival, power, resilience, courage, joy, and empowerment. He holds a BA from Bogazici University, Turkey. As a first-generation immigrant and self-taught (internet-thought, more precisely) artist in Germany, he was recently a guest student at the College of Fine Arts Berlin (UdK), participating in “Common Ground”, a support program for artists who fled or immigrated to Germany. His artworks are published in GQ, Camera Austria and GUP; and shown in local and international exhibition spaces, including the Berlin Museum of Photography.

What's on:

- May-July '21, Group show "Nothing Ever Happened (Yet)" at Berlin Museum of Photography
- June 21'
, Come Get Your Honey book launch

Inquiries for commissions (commercial, editorial, creative direction), interviews, partnerships, limited editions, NFTs and more:

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